Monday, September 28, 2009

fair time

My sweet man brought me home a sammich from the fair.
lotsa onions and cheese & meat all on a bun. mmmm
So, I am going to go eat my dinner, do some facebook
and go to bed at a decent time. gnite

Sunday, September 27, 2009

here again

Well, I am embarrassed to even come back after such hit and miss blogging.
Much has been happening, at work at home, with Sid's health.
I will just give a quick rundown of last couple weeks if possible.
Sid is anemic and needed to have iron infusions. at the first one
he fainted --- twice. His feet swelled up to size of small watermelons
with frankfurter toes, and his heart rate and blood pressure went
crazy. this all earned him an ambulance ride to the hospital for
a overnight lodging. it was all very scary. He was looked at by a
neurologist that determined he just fainted. No seizure, no stroke
no damage..Praise God. He is now off the blood pressure meds he
has been taking for almost 2 years. I guess anemia will lower blood
pressure, too. So I missed 2 days of work to be with him. When I
went back to work, my boss says to me. "Oh, we really appreciate you
and how hard you work. We are paying you for the time you were off."
I just started crying and said thank you. I am so grateful for the
blessings that come. I figured I would use a sick day and just scrimp
on the other day, but once again God showed off in our life. So we go again
for another iron infusion this Wednesday. Hopefully it will be
drama free. Hoping I can be more consistent with this blog.
Time will tell, I guess.

Monday, September 7, 2009

long time no "see"

WOW, seems like forever since I have been here. I have been busy at work and that is a whole blog of it's own. Inventory is done for another year. YAY. I did manage to work enough hours to bank the cash we will need for our Disney Christmas, so I am thankful for that. So, since I was here last, I lost a good friend. I had another relapse (heroin addict) worked 65 - 70 hours per week and found out my sweet man is anemic and undergoing more tests because of his platelet counts being way out of whack. We go back to north star Thursday to find out more. so far just anemia and iron deficient. I am now on regular schedule at work 7-4. that should make a huge difference in how I manage my time. I am a morning person, and don't do extra hours well anymore. I got to go to church yesterday, first time in over a month. It is amazing how much that helped my attitude. I am so looking forward to ladies bible study starting back up. I think I just want to have some sort of normalcy and I don't even know what that is anymore. What used to be normal is so far from what is normal now. I wish sometimes to have that old life back, that I so took for granted. The easy life, then I remember to be content in all circumstances. That I can do that even if I don't "feel" it.