Tuesday, December 14, 2010

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Not in any particular order of significance

Sid..nuff said there..I LOVE LOVE LOVE him. God blessed me so much with this sweet man.

Pajamas. would wear them everywhere if I could. not to be confused with the respectable sweat outfit. I am talking Pajamas. flannel and thermal ones in the winter, and shorties with tanks in the summer. I LOVE them.

cookies. any and all kinds. but my least favorite? I am a weirdo, but plain old chocolate chip is my least favorite. If it is chocolate chips in oatmeal  cookies with coconut and macadamias,  well then, that is a different story

Coffee. any time any where. mmmm gotta go get some now..

warm blankets socks towels Pajamas from the dryer..

the smell of baking bread



dates with my girlfriends

pancakes & bacon

my dogs..LOVE them so much even if they are yappy little monsters

our children & grandchildren

motorcycle rides (the ones with Sid were the best)

road trips

"camping trips with my buds"

Christmas songs(all throughout the year) yep- I am one of those people..


any way these are just a few of my favorites..maybe I will list some more another time

Monday, December 6, 2010

Thank You

I just finished getting ready for work. I don't have to be there for another hour & a half. No big deal
 So I look at Sid and say "well, I'm ready for work." He looks at me and says "Thank You."
He says stuff funny all the time, so I ask him "Thank You? " and he says back "Yeah, Thank you."
So I ask him for what. and he says to me "EVERYTHING" as he's saying it he's waving his arms around like a crazy man. I say back, "Everything? You mean like going to work and stuff?"And he says "Yeah." I told him I wasn't sure anybody really cared or noticed any thing I did, and he says plain as day "Dumbass! That's just Stupid! I LOVE YOU!" I had to share  because it is these moments that make everything OK in my world. God is SO GOOD. He seems to know when I really need a boost. So THANK YOU GOD! Once again you show me how much you love us. I gotta go blow my nose, now..

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas cards

I have almost finished getting the Christmas cards ready to mail. It has become somewhat of a big deal to me. I never used to care if I did cards or not. If I felt like it, I did them. If I didn't, well, I didn't.
All that changed the year Sid had his stroke. Seems like so much of our life is categorized BS(before stroke) or AS(after stroke).
Anyway BS I never got too excited one way or the other on cards. There were many years(not necessarily in a row) that I didn't send out any cards. And, other years where it was just family and really close friends. And, other years I gave a card to everyone I knew.
Well, AS for some reason I can't fully explain I have felt the need to send cards out regardless of how I feel. It isn't just the card, either. I always include a short summary of some of the things that have gone on throughout the previous year. One of the reasons I can explain, is that SO many people spent so much time praying for us,encouraging us,supporting us, that I feel it is one tangible way that I can show them we appreciate it. I want to show people how well Sid is doing. I want them to see God's abundant grace mirrored in our lives. I want EVERYONE to know that miracles happen. That contentment(even happiness) is possible regardless of circumstances. That is just a small part that I CAN explain.