Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 28:Something I'm afraid of

OK, I was going to put spiders here, but the pictures were too GRUESOME & CREEPY to even attempt. I am itching & squirming just thinking about them. ACK!!!
 So, it is fire. I have a fear of fire. I am a bit paranoid to use even our gas stove because I am afraid a chimney fire may start. We had wood heat only for a few years and I got very little sleep because I just KNEW the house was going to burn down. I won't use my clothes dryer unless I am home, I don't like extension cords, etc.. I have absolutely no reasonable explanation. I don't know anyone who had their house burn down, I can't explain it. But I AM afraid of fire.(& spiders)

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JerriLynn said...

I now know someone who's house burned down, and someone that lost their life in a house devastating