Friday, August 12, 2011

all better...well, sorta

You know how sometimes when you don't feel well and you make yourself puke and then you feel all better? That is kinda what happened to me. I puked a bit of stuff and have been much better since. I think some of it is I have such a need to feel as if I am being honest and transparent and when I know I haven't been, I just get tied up in knots. I have such a core defect of pride. To give an appearance that everything is great. To show the good side. I had gotten to where I just didn't have it in me, and I couldn't fake it, and I couldn't let anyone "KNOW". So after doing all that, the familiar guilt showed up. I am looking forward to a weekend of sun,fun, and hanging out with a couple of my BFFs. I will have the opportunity to let them help me with some of this and I know I will get past this. So thankful that I believe that today. I KNOW that this too shall pass. So see ya!


Sarah said...

there's lots of stuff I don't want anyone to know.

i'm just not ready to make myself throw up yet.

just not yet..

Melissa said...

Haven't heard anything from you in a very long while..I check in though. Everything ok?